Gira bhabha

Assistant Professor, Skirball Institute, Dept. Cell Biology
√ Born in: Mumbai, India Home: San Francisco
√ About: Gira completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Chicago, where she had the best time ever, and surprisingly discovered that she loved doing research. Her undergraduate thesis in Elizabeth McNally’s lab focused on using drosophila as a model system for understanding muscular dystrophy. As a graduate student in Peter Wright’s lab at the Scripps Research Institute, she used NMR and X-ray crystallography to probe the role of protein dynamics in enzyme catalysis. During her postdoc with Ron Vale and Yifan Cheng, she worked on understanding the mechanism of motility in the motor protein dynein, and on a family of lipid transporters called the MCE proteins.
√ Hobbies: any dog-related activity, hiking, backpacking, the symphony, creative (vegetarian) food and cocktails, yoga
√ To contact her: gira.bhabha AT gmail.com



Assistant Professor, Skirball Institute Depts. Cell Biology and Microbiology
√ Home: East China Township, Michigan, USA
√ About: I am interested in understanding how pathogens interact with the host, and how our immune system in turn recognizes these pathogens and fights back.  I am particularly interested in diseases of global importance that lack effective vaccines and therapies, such as tuberculosis and malaria.
√ Hobbies: Hiking (better with dogs), Brewing beer, Making bread
√ To contact him: damian.ekiert AT ekiertlab.org


Ya-ting (atty) chang

√ Home: New Taipei City, Taiwan
√ Research: I am researching the proteins that are upregulated in the intracellular pathogen response (IPR) of C. elegans.
√ Hobbies: Travelling, Volleyball, Watching movie
√ To contact her: Ya-Ting.Chang AT nyulangone.org


Nicolas coudray

Senior scientist
√ Home: What do you mean by home? Place where I was born (France), place where I sleep (Harlem), or place where I spend most time (NYU)?
√ Research: Image processing of EM data
√ Hobbies: any form of Art
√ To contact him: Nicolas.Coudray AT nyulangone.org Google Scholar



Alina Davydov

High School Student
√ Home: Queens, NY
√ Research: Exploring the structure of mammalian cell entry systems
Hobbies: Running, bouldering, watching Star Trek


juliana ilmain

√ Graduate Student in Microbiology
Home: San Ramon, CA
Research: I am studying the structure-function relationship of a Staphylococcus aureus leukocidin
Hobbies: Traveling, volunteering with animals, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. √ To contact her: Juliana.Ilmain AT nyulangone.org


georgia isom

Post-Doctoral Fellow
√ Home: Warwickshire, UK
√ Research: I spent my PhD in Professor Ian Henderson’s lab at the University of Birmingham, studying the MCE proteins. I decided I couldn’t get enough of these proteins, so moved to the Bhabha/Ekiert labs to take on a structural approach.
√ Hobbies: Dancing, movies, Nintendo, exploring
√ To contact her: Georgia.Isom AT nyulangone.org



pattana (Michael) Jaroenlak

Post-Doctoral Fellow
√ Home: Bangkok, Thailand (From: Hatyai, Southern Thailand)
√ Research:  My research aim is to elucidate the ultrastructure of the microsporidian polar tube (the harpoon-like invasion organelle) using advanced techniques in electron microscopy.
√  Hobbies: Traveling and trying new restaurants.
√ To contact him: Pattana.Jaroenlak AT nyulangone.org Google Scholar


ljuvica kolich

√ Home: South San Francisco, CA (From: Lima, Peru)
√ Research: I am investigating the structure and function of proteins in the Mla system of the bacterial outer membrane. I specifically focus on the interactions between proteins of the Mla pathway.
√ Hobbies: Ballet, pandas, Harry Potter.
√ To contact her: Ljuvica.Kolich AT nyulangone.org



Mark MacRae

√ Graduate Student in Biophysics
√ Home: Pembroke, Massachusetts
√ Research: I am studying the mechanism of lipid transport in the Mla system through structural analysis by CryoEM.
√ Hobbies: Binge-watching TV shows, exploring new restaurants, traveling. √ To contact him: Mark.MacRae AT nyulangone.org


Devki Patel

Administrative Coordinator √ Home: Staten Island, NY √ Hobbies: Traveling to as many different cities in America and countries all over the world as possible, trying new restaurants and exploring what every city has to offer
√ To contact her: Devki.Patel AT nyulangone.org



rachel redler

Senior scientist
√ Home: Austin, TX
√ Research: Structural basis of MuSK autoimmunity in myasthenia gravis
√ Hobbies: traveling, social dancing (lindy hop, blues, tango), hiking/camping
√ To contact her: Rachel.Redler AT nyulangone.org


Mahrukh usmani

√ Graduate Student in Biophysics
Home: Karachi, Pakistan
Research: I am working on a project aimed at understanding the harpoon like invasion machinery of microsporidia. In particular I am trying to purify and characterize the polar tube proteins (PTPs) which constitute this invasion machinery known as the polar tube.
Hobbies: Long walks, Karaoke, Cooking √ To contact her: Mahrukh.Usmani AT nyulangone.org



MSTP MD/Ph.D. Student
√ Home:  Massapequa, New York
√ Research: Looking into the structure-function relationship of the native mammalian cell entry (MCE) system in Mycobacterium tuberculosis through biochemical and structural techniques
√ Hobbies:  Playing classical and jazz guitar, tennis and volleyball.
√ To contact him: Casey.Vieni AT nyulangone.org



Lab clown
√ German Shorthaired Pointer Adopted from German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue of the Bay Area
√ Hobbies: getting petted, chasing squirrels, cuddling with humans, K9 nose work



Lab overachiever
√ American Pit Bull Terrier (mix) Adopted from California Pit Bull Rescue
√ Hobbies: Playing tug, playing any interactive game, learning new tricks, K9 nose work